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2018 Asia-Pacific Conference on Intelligent Medical
November 16-18, 2018 | Chengdu, China

In the era of "Internet +", all walks of life are eager to explore innovation and progress. With the continuous emergence of mobile medical APPs and medical e-commerce providers to Internet hospitals, information-based and intelligent medical services have gradually become the trend of today. Since the concept of great health has been clearly put forward, people's demand for medical care has begun to undergo a qualitative change from passive to active. Prof. De-Zhong Yao from School of Life Science and Technology, UESTC, China (Changjiang Scholar Professor | AIMBE Fellow) will be the chairman.This event is hosted by Sichuan Institute of Electronics and Sichuan Society for Cognitive Science (SSCS), co-organized by University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Sichuan University, etc. This conference includes four major parts: plenary speeches, invited speeches, oral and poster presentations. Forum planning focuses on academic research, technology, application, and other core contents. You are invited to participate in this great event for sharing ideas, latest research and culture in Chengdu.
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2018年11月16-18日 | 中国成都

在“互联网+”的时代背景下,各行各业都在迫切的探索着革新与进步。随着不断涌现的移动医疗 APP 、医药电商到互联网医院,信息化、智能化的医疗事业逐渐成为大势所趋。自“十三五”规划中明确提出大健康概念后,人们对诊疗保健的需求也开始发生了质的变化,从被动、应对性的就医诊疗,逐渐转向主动、常态性的预防保健。人工智能已经上升至国家战略高度,正快速发展成为助力中国医疗健康产业向新时期、新阶段迈进的关键技术。大会很荣幸邀请到电子科大生命科学与技术学院 尧德中教授 (长江学者 | 美国医学生物工程学院院士)担任大会主席。 本次大会由四川省电子学会、四川省认知学会联合主办,电子科技大学、四川大学等单位协办。 本次大会包括主题演讲,特邀报告,口头报告,海报展示等四大环节。会议将围绕学术研究、技术、应用等核心内容展开讨论,欢迎广大专家学者踊跃参加。

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